With technology that allows us to take our work home with us in the palm of our hand and check our work messages anytime and anywhere, we’re all working more hours a day than we ever have before. That said, we all have at least one person in our lives who takes it to the next level – they are a true workaholic, answering emails at all hours and always thinking about the next meeting or project.

Just because we’re working harder doesn’t mean we’re working smarter. Spending so many hours a day staring at screens and sitting at desks can have an adverse effect on our health. This holiday season, buy the workaholic in your life a gift that will allow them to work healthier and harder.

These are our picks for the best gifts for workaholics:


V9 Deskcise Pro™

Many workaholics prioritize work over taking care of their health, such as exercising regularly. They’d rather spend an extra hour at the office than make time to stop at the gym on their way home. The FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro™ makes it easy to fit exercise into their daily routine without changing any of their work habits. They can work the same hours while getting light exercise throughout the day by pedaling at their desk. The Deskcise Pro™ offers eight resistance levels, so they can customize their workout. And when they’re tired of pedaling, it converts seamlessly into a regular sit-stand desk.


Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

Most American desk workers spend far too much time sitting every day, and we’re willing to bet your workaholic brother or friend is one of them. Giving someone a standing desk means giving them the gifts of enhanced productivity, higher energy levels, decreased back pain, and reduced risk for obesity and heart disease. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! The FlexiSpot height-adjustable standing desk includes programmable memory presets, a sit-stand reminder, and a built-in cable management system. It’s available in electric, hand crank, and pneumatic options, with a variety of frame and desk surface colors.

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