Product Review – FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro

The following is a sponsored post in which the opinions expressed are 100% my own and not those of the sponsor. I love tech gadgets. The holiday season is the time of year I love to look at the new … Read More

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FlexiSpot all in one Deskcise Pro desk bike review

Did you succumb to the recent trend and buy a standing desk or are you still slouching in a chair behind your computer all day? I had a standing desk for a short time but just couldn’t learn to love … Read More

Freelancer Review

Freelance Writer Uses FlexiSpot’s ClassicRiser to Get 10,000 Steps a Day

As a full-time freelance copywriter, Monica White was no stranger to sitting for up to 10 hours at a time working on back-to-back writing projects for her clients. While the long hours were great for business, they were starting to … Read More

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This Standing Desk Riser Goes Up And Down, But Your Productivity And Health Will Only Go Up

Many years ago, I spent a summer interning at a place at which all the workers had standing desks. Well, it would be accurate to call it a rising desk. When you needed to stand, you could raise it to … Read More


written by  David Florian Overview: The FlexiSpot electric standing desk frame is a modern and powerful frame capable of propelling loads up to 220 lbs to a comfortable height for working while standing. The black steel legs are strong and provide a … Read More

Deskcise Pro Blends a Standing Desk with an Exercise Bike (by Darren)

  The Deskcise Pro can be used as a standing desk or a cycle desk The health dangers of spending all day sitting behind a desk have become well known in recent years, leading to an explosion in the popularity of … Read More

Spin While You Spreadsheet: $499 Desk with a Built in Exercise Bike Lets You Work While Getting a Workout (by Cecile)

The Deskcise Pro unit allows users to either cycle or stand at their desk It keeps noise down to under 60 decibels – the sound of a normal conversation The unit can be moved into different rooms with four caster … Read More

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Review:On Your Feet: FlexiSpot Standing Desk Riser Review! (By Jude Kasekamp)

I live in Boston, which is like Silicon Valley in many ways. Walk into just about any startup, and you’ll find software engineers, marketers, and other world-changers standing at their desks. So, gone are the big plushy chairs and mahogany … Read More

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Review: Flexispot Standing Desk Riser (by GearHungry)

If you’re anything like us, you’re glued to a desk for an unhealthy amount of time each day. One fix is to find a job suited to your skill sets that won’t have you working on a computer most of the day. Good … Read More

Review:FlexiSpot M2 35″ Adjustable Sit-stand Desk Riser Workstation (by GadgetExplained)

If you are someone who sits all day at a desk working from home and fancy the idea of converting your sitting-desk position to stand up without actually replacing your own desk, check out this desk riser solution by Flexispot!  … Read More