I’ve Never Wanted Anything As Much As I Want This ‘Deskcise’ Bike

Earlier in the month, I told you how I had recently gotten a FlexiSpot sit-stand desk riser. And how I absolutely LOVED it. It has changed my whole experience at work. I am more productive; I have more energy; I have a better … Read More

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Standing Desk Converter Testimonial from a Campus Worker

We are all loving our FlexiSpot desks. It has freed us from constantly having to be sitting down while working. Because the desk is so easily adjustable, it suits everyone in the office. The ease with which is changes from … Read More

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FlexiSpot ClassicRiser Sit Stand Desk Testimonial

The FlexiSpot standing desk is a game-changer! I ordered the ClassicRiser 35″ for my boss and it fits on her desk perfectly. Shipping was fast and the product arrived with no damages. Assembly was very simple: Just lift the desk out … Read More

I Used a Standing Desk for a Week & Loved Every Minute of It

Sitting at a desk all day can be a bore, not to mention a pain in the back, neck, and hips. Not all offices offer alternatives to the traditional desk unfortunately, but there’s no denying your body needs a break … Read More

FlexiSpot Sit Stand Desk ClassicRiser M2 Free Trial Testimonials

Since I spend all day in front of my computer for work, I was concerned for my health due to extended periods of sitting. Thus I started researching standing desk converter since I have also heard standing for extended amount of … Read More

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Standing Desk Testimonial from Jason Novak —— an IT Manager

As an IT Manager and member of our company’s new wellness group, I am always looking for better ways to improve the desk and office environment. Looking at chairs, ergonomics, motion at the person’s workplace, etc. The idea of a … Read More