Standing Desk Ergonomics: How to Avoid Muscle Fatigue

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Working at a Standing Desk Might Make You a Better Thinker

The dangers of sitting have become a hot topic in the health sphere in the past few years, with some critics going as far as to call sitting “the new smoking.” While dramatic, the statement isn’t wrong. With smoking out … Read More

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Pros and Cons of Desk Bikes

You’ve heard of treadmill desks, but FlexiSpot is the only company to sell sit-stand desk bikes. Like treadmill desks, desk bikes allow you to work while exercising. However, desk bikes are much better for multitasking than treadmill desks, especially when … Read More

Office Exercise: Add More Activity Into Your Workday

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I’ve Never Wanted Anything As Much As I Want This ‘Deskcise’ Bike

Earlier in the month, I told you how I had recently gotten a FlexiSpot sit-stand desk riser. And how I absolutely LOVED it. It has changed my whole experience at work. I am more productive; I have more energy; I have a better … Read More

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A Fitness-Focused Christmas Gift The Whole Family Will Love

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3 Reasons Desk Setup Is So Popular (and Why You Should Take Note!)

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How to Choose the Perfect Standing Desk for You

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Buyer Guide: Height-Adjustable Desk vs. Standing Desk Converter

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How to Use a Desk Bike for the Whole Family

For many people, working and exercising can feel like a trade-off. You don’t have time to exercise because you have to work, and any time you do take to exercise is time away from working. With FlexiSpot’s desk bikes, you … Read More