FlexiSpot has teamed up with Affirm to provide online shoppers with a more affordable way to pay for high-value ergonomic products.

Using Affirm, FlexiSpot.com shoppers can order the ergonomic products they want today and pay for them in affordable installments over time.

At checkout, shoppers simply choose to pay with Affirm, then enter some basic information for real-time purchase approval. Once approved to pay with Affirm, FlexiSpot ships out the order.

“Our customers have been asking for payment flexibility to buy products like Deskcise Pro,” says Lane Xiang, FlexiSpot CEO. “With Affirm, they don’t need to pay $499 for the desk bike all at once. They can spread the payments out to better fit their budget.”

Interest rates on purchases made through Affirm can range from 0 to 30 percent APR and installment plans can vary between 3, 6, and 12 months based on a shopper’s creditworthiness.

Shoppers can calculate what their monthly payments would be on a particular purchase using the convenient payment calculator on Affirm’s website.

When it’s time to make installment payments on a purchase, Affirm makes that quick and easy too. Customers pay online at www.affirm.com/pay using a debit card or ACH transfer. They can even set up automatic payments. It typically takes 3 to 5 business days for ACH transfers to post to an account, so customers should keep that in mind when using that option.

“This partnership is a real win-win for our customers ,” says Xiang. “They can pay a little today to gain a lifetime of health.”

For more information on purchasing with Affirm, explore the FAQs on their website.

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